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YellowcakeA ten year old blessed with a great intellect is also damned with tumors and deformities that make him an outcast. He tries to fit in a society that doesn't accept his deformed looks. In school, he plays dumb to hide his high IQ and intellect; he doesn't want another reason for people to see him as a freak. Little by little his deception falls apart, and finds himself seeing the word through his older brother's eyes, a brother who is sound of body but has the intellect of a vegetable. Trying to fit into a world that does not accept deviations from what is considered normality is not easy task, and the tragic events that follow make that desire for acceptance an impossibility.

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An American Tale

AmericantalePeople come across each other, more by necessity or happenstance than by desire, and the odd relationships they forge become obsessive, inappropriate, and murderous. A blue collar menagerie becomes entangled in webs of deceit, extortion, crime and unfulfilled desires. What seems to be unrelated stories tie into a common and unexpected finale where art imitates imperfect life.

This book started as disconnected short stories which were not supposed to ever been related to each other until one day it hit me that, wait, why not? There was a dark thread that seemed to connect them together, which would make sense as they came from the same mind. I threw the stories into the same pot and stirred until the book was done. Stick your own fork in it.

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An American Tale review by: M. G. on Jan. 14, 2011

Just a short note to Thank You for the pleasure of reading your eBook, An American Tale. It is the first of what I believe will be many enjoyable ventures delving into your writings. I am an avid reader. To capture the attention & interest of my ADD riddled & distriminating brain is difficult. (though not fault of the many fine writers in existance). Your book kept me glued to every page turned for hours!! I look forward to devouring your other works. Many thanks again for sharing your takents!

An American Tale review by: Mitzi Yates on July 16

Not exactly a typical 'romance' novel but loved the drama and the ending. Some of the unfinished secondary stories could make their own spinoff tales.


MelanieA middle aged and lonely Melanie wakes up with no recollection of her past. Her lack of personal memories forces her to impersonate the old Melanie, a person who she now dislikes and cannot understand. The new Melanie proceeds to fool the world into thinking that nothing has changed while trying to recover her memories but also trying to reinvent herself as a new and improved person.

Without the emotional baggage of a life not lived to its full potential, of a life wasted in loneliness, Melanie embarks in a journey of self discovery and improvement while walking on a high wire where her past may come back to smash her new dreams and set her back into her former life. The old Melanie is lurking hidden in the shadows of her memory, refusing to come forward but never disappearing into oblivion.

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Melanie review by: Mitzi Yates on July 16, 2011

A lovely story with a point of view not seen in my other (mainstream) reading. I see the defacto attempt of the author to show the two extremes of human nature-selfcenteredness and all giving-and the ultimate blend. This ultimate blend is what most of us want to be.

Snapshots of Modern Love

SnapshotsThis is an imperfect love story between an imperfect man and woman that starts in the early eighties and goes nowhere because happy endings are not how real life works. Mistakes and misfortunes keep them apart until by chance they meet again twenty years later. Despite their emotional baggage, scars, and her reluctance and his doubts, they get together, wondering if they deserve a second chance.

Life challenges us with split second decisions that we have no time to ponder; it is just a do or don't do situation where the quick choice has consequences that affect the rest of one's life. These gut decisions haunt us forever but now and then we get that rare second chance to make things right, to take that gamble we refused before. There is no guarantee that the new choice will be correct but it is worth trying.

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Snapshots of Modern Love review by: Mitzi Yates on July 16, 2011

For those of us of a certain age (over 40), this brought back the 80s in a real way. Loved it.


AddictionAn Internet porn obsession drives a common family man into divorce, the horrors of incest, and a life he had no planned for. Exiled from his former world he escapes into oblivion until years later the daughter he had abused tracks him down. The young woman has her own addictions and troubles. Father, daughter and a revolver meet and destinies change.

This was a rather difficult book to write. At times I wasn't sure I could finish this manuscript, and long periods of time went that this project just sat unfinished and ready to be dropped. Despite all my self doubts and difficulties, I finished it, for better or for worse. This is not light reading; it is not erotic reading. I would think it is stark reading, like watching an autopsy.

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Addiction review by: Kevin on Mar. 8, 2012

This is a fantastic novel. A little rough as far as the acts that take place? Yes, but the description says that doesn't it? If it sounds like something you couldn't read, it probably is. That's too bad though because it really is a hell of a story. The second half of the story particularly was excellent and the end was phenomenal.

Addiction review by: philo on Mar. 11, 2011

It's for real; how getting caught in the daily routine, a deviation can develop into immense suffering for our self and for others. Not an easy read, reality his hard and sickening. I couldn't stop before the last page at 4 AM, troubled, drained and hopefully wiser about human nature...

Five stars for the content, not the pleasure of reading...

Addiction review by: Rhonda-Leigh on Feb. 25, 2011

Wow! I just finished reading Addiction, I feel drained and in need of a shower maybe with some comet! I agree with Virginia it is indeed a gut wrenching real life horror, I found my self compelled to continue to the end of the story to find closure. This story indeed is not for the squeamish, but if your not afraid to be taken on a wild ride through a tormented persons life, then this book is a must read. I found the writing to be real as every word sank deep. This is a sad, sick, twisted and amazing story. It's defiantly a page turner. Thank you Mr. Rodriguez for sharing!

Addiction review by: Virginia Lynch on Jan. 04, 2011

Rating this book is hard, it is straight horror. Not scary ghost, goblins, or whodoneit killer horror. This is gut retching OMG real life horror. I thought it was about a married man who became addicted to porn on the web, it is so much than that. Yet, I could not put it down. I had to see how it ended. The writing was very conversational, like I was just "hanging out" and chatting with this guy. Occasionally this man rambling a bit, but that is just like real like. I wanted to understand why he ended up as he did. But there is no understanding. I was glad to hear (read) from another point of view later in the book. But, while I gave this book 5 stars I did so because the book is amazingly written and so distrubing I needed to know how it ended. But, under no conditions is this book meant for everyone. I am not even sure I should have read it. To be perfectly honest.

Addiction review by: Posted on the Sony Reader Store, January 05, 2011 by Jennifer, Atlantic City, NJ

A pretty shocking book. At times it had my stomach turning, but I suppose that's partly its purpose. Helps one to understand the horror behind pedophilia/pornography addiction. Gives insight into the inner feelings of the person who cannot help himself when it comes to his attraction/need to commit his disgusting sex acts. I feel that it is a good book but definitely is tough to read at times.

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