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Indie author means a rejected author, a writer who has tried to work with the publishing establishment and has been denied entry into this exclusive club. Reasons are myriad, from a genuine lack of writing talent to the blindness of agents who fail to recognize good writing or are afraid of writing that does not fit a particular commercial genre. I don't know where I fall, but I find myself on the outside looking in.

Self publishing venues like Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and others give the rejects like me the welcome opportunity to showcase our writing to the masses who care to look for writers like us. There is neither money to be made nor fame to be gained. I do it for the satisfaction that somebody, somewhere, can download one's work and may even enjoy it. A far cry from manuscripts gathering cobwebs in forgotten drawers.

I'm glad you stopped by and hope you read my stuff. Like every writer who has ever put pen to paper, I hope you like it too.

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